1:Of the following sort algorithms, which has execution time that is least dependent on initial ordering of the input ?
Insertion sort
Quick sort
Merge sort
Selection sort

2:Which of the following traversal outputs the data in sorted order in a BST?
Level order

3:A computer with 32 bit word size uses 2s compliment to represent numbers. The range of integers that can be represented by this computer is
minus 2^32 to 2^32
minus 2^31 to (2^32)-1
minus 2^31 to (2^31)-1
minus (2^31)-1 to (2^32)-1

4:To send same bit sequence, NRZ encoding require
Same clock frequency as Manchester encoding
Half the clock frequency as Manchester encoding
Twice the clock frequency as Manchester encoding
A clock frequency which depend on number of zeros and ones in the bit sequence

5:Which of the following is application of Breath First Search on the graph?
Finding diameter of the graph
Finding bipartite graph
Both (a) and (b)
None of the above

6:Micro program is
the name of a source program in micro computers
set of micro instructions that defines the individual operations in response to a machine-language instruction
a primitive form of macros used in assembly language programming
a very small segment of machine code

7:Which of the following binary number is the same as its 2's complement?

8:The time complexity of computing the transitive closure of binary relation on a set of n elements is known to be
O(n log n)
O(n^ 3/2)
O(n^ 3)>

9:What is the time complexity of fun()? int fun(int n) { int count = 0; for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) for (int j = i; j > 0; j--) count = count + 1; return count; }
Theta (n)
Theta (n^2)
Theta (n*Logn)
Theta (nLognLogn)

10:What happens when a top-down approach of dynamic programming is applied to any problem?
It increases both, the time complexity and the space complexity
It increases the space complexity and decreases the time complexity.
It increases the time complexity and decreases the space complexity
It decreases both, the time complexity and the space complexity